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vertical grinding mill 

working principle

the solid material in the disc center is thrown to the periphery of the disc under the action of the centrifugal force field, and then turns to be powder due to repeated rolling by the roller. through separator in the top of mill, thick powder will be separated and falls into the center of disc to be re-grinded and fine powder will be risen and come out of mill, then connected by dust arrester.  those particulate material which didn't been taken away by the air flow, after spilling out of the disc, will back to the feeding device though bucket elevator and be grinded in the mill together with new raw material.

performance and characteristics

1. integration of crushing, grinding, drying and conveyance together. high proportion of fine powder, high precision and high efficiency separate. it is suitable for the production of ultrafine powders.

2. high efficiency, saving energy. compared with ball mill system, it can save electricity 30 ~ 50%, being with a large proportion of outer loop, the system power consumption can reduce 20%.
3. small abrasion, low consumption and long life. not direct contact between millstone disc. rollers and liner are made of high abrasion-resistant material. costs-effective, save investment. being simple system and vertical structure, it can be installed open-air, save construction costs. small vibration, low noise, no flying dust.
4.reliable operation and easy maintainance.  the rollers can be taken out of the mill. for those large machine with four rollers, when one or two rollers in symmetric position is repaired, the other two rollers can work as usual, by which it can make  60% to 70% normal capacity, not affection or small affection to the entire production line. 

 vertical  grinding mill production line

vertical grinding mill system consists of vertical grinding mill, motor, speed reducer, air-lock feeder, blower, dust catcher, pipes, conveyor and finished product bin, etc.