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power plant: cfb boiler limestone furnace desulfurization and gas limestone desulfurization

the feature of conical grinding mill used in limestone desulfurization

1.conical grinding mill’s “material extruding material” roll grinding principle and medium working pressure (3-5mpa) makes more than 50% of its non-grading disposable product’s particle size less than 1mm. thus the efficiency and economy by using this equipment to produce limestone desulfurizer is unparalleled comparing to ordinary devices. the particle size of jaw crasher and hummer crasher is coarse while vertical mill and ball mill is slender, even they could get -1mm production through grading machine, it will waste a lot of time and money.

2.in the process of grinding limestone powder, because of the unique working theory of conical grinding mill, inner stress of limestone is destroyed by repeating crushing and rubbing, what make a mass of microcracks and pores on the limestone, increases the specific surface area and liveness of the limestone, then accelerated the reaction of cao with so2 to generate caso4, the desulfurization effect more thorough.

3.centralized size distribution, convenient particle size adjustment.

process configuration of conical grinding mill

1.assorted with pl waterfall thick powder separator

the process system has high capacity and efficiency. its series of products can well satisfy different desulfurization needs of various types of circulating fluidized bed boiler. pl-type of separator is specially developed aimed to the specific of the conical grinding mill, suitable to separating materials of maximum size of 1.5-0.5mm. this equipment overcomes the shortcoming of the centrifugal, rotor-type separator can only separating powder, the vibrating screener has low screening efficiency, easy been worn, and easy to paste. in practice, the system has advantages such as negative pressure cycle, layout, low noise, no dust

2.assorted with screener

the process system has low investment and power consumption, simple operation, suitable for powder process enterprises assorted with power plant. the disadvantages are dust, the vibrating screener has low screening efficiency, easy been worn, and easy to paste.


1.good grinding effect. as gap between roller and liner, speed of main shaft, pressure and thickness of feed layer are adjustable, this machine can provide products in different particle sizes, for example, -325 meshes or -120 meshes or -1.5—0.1mm, for different customers. meanwhile it is convenient to regulate the particle size.

2.economized electricity consumption. economizing electricity by 40%-60% compared with other grinding equipment.

3.small abrasion. the worn parts  (roller and liner) has a long life 1-2 years.

4.low failure rate. easy operation and maintenance, extremely low failure rate, high running rate.

5.environmentally friendly. noise less than 80db, basically no flying dust.

6.low investment. small equipment investment, small occupation of land area and economized investment in civil construction.


conical grinding mill been successful used in various industries for a long time, especially suitable for different particle size requirement of desulfurization powder producing in power plant. in particular, it is irreplaceable in limestone meal production process when crushed to 1.5 to 0.1 mm.

the excellent combination property of conical grinding mill can bring great economic benefit and advanced grinding technology and equipment to desulfurization powder producing in power plant.