the feature of conical grinding mill used in nonmetal grind, such as dolomite, feldspar, quartz,  barite, fluorite,  lime, gypsum, calcium carbide, etc.

1.large capacity, high efficiency, applicable to large-scale non-metallic minerals processing, maximum capacity up to 200t/h. about 30-50% power and energy than traditional equipment.

3.high crushing rate, strict control to the particle size range of products to meet user’s demand for products of different size fraction.

4.stabilized and reliable operation, running rate higher to 95%, small repair works,   a set of wearing parts of medium-sized machine can continuously grind the hardness materials 300 thousand tons or more such as dolomite , especially with less iron contamination (by iron in the one hundred thousandth advantage or so) when grinding non-metallic mineral raw materials for glass, ceramics and other industries  

5.conical grinding mill adopts grinding material bed under medium speed, less noise, basically no flying dust, good environmental protection effect.