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the feature of conical grinding mill used in iron ore

shenxiang conical grinding mill ultr-fine crushing works in medium-speed and medium-pressure with continuous repeated material bed pressurized grinding, couples of rollers crush and grind metal ore quickly in the conical linear, making sufficient dissociation of useful mineral and gangue when they are still macrograin, thus reaches ideal separating effect. the production capability is up to 40-2000t/h per machine.

the iron ore been ultrafine crushed, pre-concentrated and coarse tailing discharged by our conical grinding mill before it is sent into the ball mill. thus can improve grade of rough concentrate, decrease quantity of rough concentrate need to be grinded. it can greatly improve the production capacity of the grinding system, lower power and steel consumption, significantly improve the concentrate grade and resource recovery rate. particularly has great significance for the development of depleted iron ore resources.


1.coarse tailing discharging rate 40%-70%

2.improve production capacity of ball mill 40%-60%

3.improve metal recovery 5-15%

4.increase the concentrate grade 1-2%

5.the coarse tailing can dry heap, filling or sell as building sand, reduce the tailings dam storage capacity of up to 40% to 70%.

6.dry cast and dry separation in no water or less water areas

7.reduce investment more than 50% in new pressing plant, increase production ability to 200-400% in past pressing plant.

8.economizing electricity more than 50%

9.profits and taxes of processing plant increase 100% to 400%

scope of application:

1.all kinds of iron ore and nonferrous ore,

2.lean ore, 

3.ultrafine lean ore, 

4.magnetite which’s original grade more than 45% (without milling, coarse tailing direct access to high-quality iron ore concentrate)

using effect

1.great improvement of the systemic grinding capacity

by using coarse tailing discharging pre-concentration process of conical grinding mill can discharge more than 30% tailing before iron ore into ball mill. meanwhile, decrease the ore’s particle size and make it have a sufficient dissociation. thus greatly improves the production capacity of the ball mill. practical application indicates that new technology can improve the grinding and pressing production capacity more than 70% than original technology.

2.high beneficiation efficiency

by using coarse tailing discharging pre-concentration process of conical grinding mill can increase the concentrate grade 2-10%, improve metal recovery rate 5-15% . compared with other crushers, it has small discharge particle size and reasonable size distribution, well separating effect, higher range of coarse tailing discharge, higher efficiency in beneficiation .

3.good economic benefit

the introduction of coarse tailing discharging pre-concentration process of column mill really realizes “more crushing, less grinding”, reduces investment for grinding and dressing, increases the concentrate grade and resource recovery rate. it is of great significance for promotion of dressing plant’s economic benefit.