the feature of conical grinding mill used in gypsum

owing to the unique working principle of conical grinding mill, it not only ensures reaching the requirement of particle size, but also changes shapes and grades of the gypsum particles. the experiment proved that using conical grinding mill can destroy gypsum crystal’s inerratic clintheriform and uniform scale, make them appearing columnar or granulous. this gypsum products have a more stable quality and better performance. moreover, as conical grinding mill works in high speed and low pressure, repeating crushing, gap between the rollers and the lining plate is adjustable but without contact, all those makes it has a long working life which more than years. difficulties of equipment repair and maintenance are decreased while the production efficiency is improved. the running rate can reach 95%.

grinding process configuration

consisted of conical grinding mill, high efficiency separator (or vibrating screener) and vertical conveyor, the fineness of its finished products can be controlled within 10 to 400 mesh.


compared with other grinding machine, the characters of conical grinding mill is as below:

1.large range and low operating costs.

2.extremely low worn parts consumption thus not only can decrease cost of production, but   also can reduce  the iron contamination of the special requirements of materials (iron contamination can be reduced to two hundred thousandths)

3.adjustable fineness, can strictly control the particle size of the products.

4.small dimension, simple installation, and economized investment in civil construction.

5.low noise, little dust, good environmental protection effect.

6.good mechanical behavior, easy operation and convenient maintenance.